About Crosby & Syd

about c&S

Crosby & Syd lived in Kate’s head for a very long time before anything happened. Kate imagined a world where dogs and cats the size of people interacted normally with humans, and where it was also quite normal for a dog and cat to become best friends at college and take a trip across America to Las Vegas. After some time, Kate wrote the story of Crosby & Syd’s road trip, a graphic novel without the graphics. There it sat as a lonely manuscript longing for artwork.


After a chance meeting on Twitter that was nothing to do with writing or drawing, Kate met Gareth. Again after some time, Kate mentioned that she had written a graphic novel about a dog and cat trying to find their way in the world and in Las Vegas. Gareth read the manuscript, fell in love with Crosby & Syd and their world, and then spent a disproportionate amount of time trying to convince himself he might be able to draw it. With some gentle coaxing from Kate, and some stern chats with himself, he finally started work about a year later.


The pages will be posted as installments on this site on the 17th of each month, with some other short orders on the side.  Welcome to the world of Crosby & Syd.